Maintenance management system for industry 4.0

Hybrid CMMS is a maintenance management software system that fully supports the work of those involved in maintenance and operation in a production or processing plant. It also supports the fine-tuning and troubleshooting work of engineers. The system is perfectly functional on its own, but if required, it is also able to work with data extracted directly from the equipment, thereby ensuring more accurate planning and reporting, as well as a shorter reaction time.
  • Workorder management
  • Register of equipment, manuals
  • Parts handling
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Meticulous authorization system
  • Photo documentation
  • Reporting MTBF, MTTR, OEE
  • Android phone (push) notifications
  • XLS export
  • Downtime reports
  • Loging changes

Integrated, full support

All the data and functions needed by plant maintainers can be used within a single system.

Based on professional foundations

The system was developed with the help of maintenance specialists, it supports and makes the implementation of well-proven maintenance strategies more efficient, the indicators and statements are all in accordance with international and domestic standards.

Browser base

Information and functions are available in a web browser. It is not necessary to purchase or install separate software on the workstations. This leads to high data security and flexibility on the client side. It can be run both on-premise and in the cloud.

Informed decision support

By using information directly extracted from plant equipment, decisions can be made based on real information, and the possibility of human errors and mistakes can be minimised.

Minimisation of the administration

When designing the system, the main consideration was to minimize the administrative burden of managers and maintainers, so that they would have more time to perform value-creating work.

Access management

Access to stored data in the system and related functions can be controlled in an extremely sophisticated manner.


Reduction in the preparation time of management status reports


Reduction of the average notification time for maintenance cases


The MRT and MTTR indicators improve significantly

What are the benefits of using Hybrid CMMS software?

Reporting, traceability support
Continuous reduction and control of maintenance and spare parts costs
Ensuring the transparency and control of production line interventions
Incorporation of real machine data in decision mechanisms
It is now easier to comply with audits due to transparent records and statements
Reduction of downtime, reduction of the impact of unexpected stops
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Equipment data and life history

In the system, the technical, cost and warranty data of the equipment can be managed, the workorder assigned to them, and the installed parts can be seen, and their life cycle can be traced back like a diary. Machine manuals and operating instructions can be easily attached.

Management of spare parts

Replacement parts can be quickly identified based on their unique properties and uploaded images. During maintenance, the available reserves can be easily browsed, and their installation or use can be administered with a few clicks. The sets available in different warehouses can be seen on one interface. The safety stock level and reorder level can be specified per warehouse.

System of workorders

The system also supports ad hoc maintenance processes and preventive maintenance. Rigid cycle and usage-based tasks can also be planned in the software. The CMMS also includes a notification page, through which shift managers, engineers and even operators can report errors or maintenance needs from anywhere in the factory. The tasks reported here cause the relevant maintenance person to receive an immediate signal on their phone, so the flow of information becomes faster and more accurate.

Warehouse management

Several warehouses can be managed in the system. Parts handling among them is done in a simple but traceable way. Inwards and culling can also be administered. The system suggests the parts to be ordered so that the safety stock level can be maintained.
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Maintenance reports

The efficiency of maintenance can be monitored with several reports. The MTBF and MTTR indicators, the evolution and ratio of downtimes, and the development of expenses can be seen on graphs that can be set for any period and location levels. The home screen provides a quick overview of the effectiveness of the current period and the improvement or deterioration compared to the previous period.

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About SilverFrog

We founded SilverFrog in 2008 with the intention of providing system administrator – system integration services along the Veszprém – Budapest axis with special attention and an information protection approach. Since then, we have been providing our system administrator service from our service centres in Veszprém and Budapest, enabling nearly 2,000 employees of more than 80 partners to enjoy using their computers day by day.


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    Who will introduce you to the possibilities of Hybrid CMMS

    Tibor Harazin is the project manager of SilverFrog Informatikai Ltd.,a quality specialist, and an honorary associate professor at the University of Pannonia. His professional career is related to the quality development of higher education, the introduction and auditing of quality management systems. In connection with the implementation of HEFOP and TÁMOP projects, he gained experience in the field of quality, system, and organizational development.

    After that, he worked in a multinational automotive industry environment with the introduction and auditing of integrated management systems, the management of dimensional measurement laboratories, EHS and IT areas, and the development of EFQM, Lean, Hr processes at Tier 1 and Tier 2 company groups. More than 15 years of experience in higher education covers quality tools and methods; TQM, implementation of quality management systems and auditing for subject areas.

    He is the professional leader and instructor of the IIASA-Shiba Award-winning Automotive Quality Academy, which has been successfully operating at the University of Pannonia for 9 years. Member of the editorial board of Hungarian Quality, Ambassador of Excellence.


    Sándor Pató is the head of SilverFrog Informatics, industrial digitization and product development and innovation specialist. He started his professional career in the R&D department of KÜRT Ltd. and in 2008 SilverFrog was founded.

    He is associated with the management of numerous product development and R&D projects in the areas of industrial monitoring, maintenance, and IT security. In 2016, he was chosen as entrepreneur of the year by the Veszprém County organization of VOSZ, a qualified IFKA expert.

    He is a regular speaker at maintenance and industry 4.0 conferences, and a lecturer in specialized courses at Pannon University.

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